A hammerhead shark in Alor
A Tambja nudibranch in Alor
A coral reef in Alor

Luxury Diving Holidays in Alor

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    Marine Highlights

    Scalloped hammerheads, mola mola, lacy rhinopias, ambon scorpionfish, sea snakes, mandarin fish, mimic octopus, blue ring octopus, pristine wall dives

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Diving holidays in Alor offer something extremely special for those who have already explored the more famous regions of this exciting scuba diving destination. Alor’s best dive sites can be summarised as an intoxicating mixture of pristine reefs, jaw-dropping wall dives, marvellous muck diving and some exciting big fish action. Accessed from a luxury liveaboard or based from the region’s best dive resort, divers and snorkellers are in for a treat when scuba diving the best dive sites in the area. Waters run a little cooler, but this means that rare and exciting marine life can be encountered in the area.  

A hairy squat lobster in Alor

hairy squat lobster

A coral reef in Alor

Alor Reefscape

Scalloped hammerhead sharks in Alor

hammerhead sharks

A shallow reef in Alor

shallow reef in alor

Schooling hammerhead sharks in Alor

schooling hammerhead sharks

A Three-lobed Ceratsoma nudibranch in Alor

three-lobed ceratosoma nudibranch

A wobbegong shark in Alor

wobbegong shark

Soft corals in Alor

soft corals

Coral growth in the jetty of Alami Alor

alami alor jetty

A coral reef in Alor

Alor reef scene

In Depth 

Best for more experienced divers, diving holidays in Alor offer some of the world’s best muck diving which draws in underwater photography enthusiasts in particular. These lesser-frequented reefs are teeming with life, with a proliferation of soft corals contrasting with mucky sloping sites where weedy rhinopias, clown frogfish, Ambon scorpionfish, wunderpus, mimic octopus and the teeny bobtail squid can be seen. Night dives are particularly special on mucky slopes and shallow reefs, where the reef comes to life and a myriad of intriguing species can be spotted.

The best dive sites in Alor have barely been touched by divers, and a local highlight is diving with local fishermen and children who freedive down to check their woven baskets for the day’s catch. Currents here are strong and sites like Current Alley draw in mola mola and scalloped hammerheads around the full and new moon.

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Places to Stay in Alor

Deck Sunset View Alami Alor

Alami Alor

Alami Alor is a truly boutique resort with only seven bungalows. Catered to the keen diver, life at Alami Alor revolves around diving and snorkelling.

There is a fantastic house reef as well as a plethora of exciting dive sites further afield offering the best of walls, muck, macro and strong current dives. 

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