Fishermen above a coral reef in Kimbe Bay
A vibrant coral reef in Kimbe Bay
Schooling barracuda in Kimbe Bay

Luxury Diving Holidays in Papua New Guinea

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Visibility of over 40m, giant human-sized sea fans, schools of 1000+ barracuda, untouched coral gardens...these are just some of the things that spring to mind when we think of a diving holiday in Papua New Guinea at Reefscape Travel. Covering the eastern side of the island of New Guinea, Papua New Guinea sits firmly in the Coral Triangle and it is easy to see why. Over 600 islands make up this nation in the South Pacific, known for its cultural and biological diversity, cloaked in dense rainforest and fringed with immaculate coral reefs.  

With just a handful of excellent dive lodges, divers can easily spend an entire diving holiday in Papua New Guinea without seeing another dive boat – reason alone to travel to this remote corner of the planet. Having visited ourselves, we know the dive lodges intricately so are ready to help you plan the perfect island-hopping adventure taking in the best dive sites of Papua New Guinea.  

An aerial view of an island in Kimbe Bay

Island in Kimbe Bay, West New Britain

North Ema Reef in Kimbe Bay

North Ema Reef, Kimbe Bay

A shark in Kimbe Bay

Shark, Kimbe Bay

A coral reef in Tufi

Reef scene, Tufi

A moray eel in Tufi

Moray eel, tufi

Elephant ear sponge at Wahoo point

Elephant ear sponge at Wahoo Point, Milne Bay

A ribbon eel in Kimbe Bay

Blue ribbon eel, Kimbe bay

A nudibranch in Milne Bay

Nudibranch, milne bay

A turtle at Tania's reef in Milne Bay

Turtle at Tania's reef, Milne Bay

Anemone fish in Tufi

Anemone fish, Tufi

In Depth 

Located off the province of West New Britain, Kimbe Bay is home to over 40 dive sites bursting with marine life and variety. The offshore reefs, accessed either from Walindi Plantation Resort or by liveaboard, offer extraordinary visibility of over 40m on bustling seamounts. ‘Bradford shoals’ is one of the best dive sites in the country, with said visibility and is a magnet for pelagic life. A resident school of over 1,000 barracuda hovers above the reef in a tornado-like formation. Tuna and jack are seen hunting in the blue whilst white tip reef sharks patrol the reef. Closer to the shore, the coral structures appear to have been super-sized. Large, colourful gorgonians and giant barrel sponges can be found at ‘Susan’s Reef’ and ‘Vanessa’s Reef’ along with excellent macro life. 

No diving holiday to Papua New Guinea would be complete without visiting Tufi. Back on the mainland, Tufi is arguably one of the most beautiful regions of the country above the waves, with dramatic fjords giving way to crystal clear ocean teeming with marine life. Diving here is split between the offshore dive sites where the visibility is as good as we have seen and the fjords where it is more about the small stuff. Divers can expect to see a myriad of pelagic life at 'Mulloway’ with the rare sighting of a hammerhead (an albino hammerhead at that!) and schooling predatory fish. Whilst in the fjords, divers can enjoy muck diving at 'Tufi Wharf’ or spot blue ribbon eels at the appropriately named ‘Blue Ribbon Reef’.  

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