An aerial view of Komodo Islands
Coral reef and beach in Komodo

Luxury Diving Holidays in Komodo

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    Marine Highlights

    Over 1000 species of fish, 260 species of coral, marine protected area

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Komodo is one of Indonesia’s most famous destinations for divers and non-divers alike due to its large reptilian inhabitants, the Komodo dragons. Diving holidays in Komodo National Park are very special indeed, with some of the best dive sites on the planet. 

An explosion of colourful soft and hard corals greets divers, while big fish enthusiasts can fill their boots with encounters of reef sharks, manta rays and enormous schools of jacks and barracudas. Macro life here should not be overlooked, with favourites such as pygmy seahorses and Lembeh sea dragons. Komodo is best explored from the comfort of a luxury liveaboard, where divers onboard can dive the big-hitting sites before the crowds descend from Labuan Bajo day-trippers.

Scuba diving in Komodo is an unforgettable assault on the senses and divers and snorkellers will be enthralled by the sheer health of these pristine reefs and the abundance of marine life that frequents Komodo’s best dive sites.  

A beach and hills in Komodo


A Komodo Dragon in Komodo National Park

Komodo dragon

A turquoise lagoon in Komodo

hills & lagoon

A remote island in Komodo National Park

Remote island

In Depth 

With over 260 coral species and more than 1000 species of fish, Komodo’s waters are some of the richest on Earth when it comes to scuba diving. This combined with the relative ease of access makes diving holidays in Komodo some of the most popular in Indonesia. Divers and snorkellers can spend their diving holiday onboard a traditional Indonesian Phinisi, waking up every day to a new exciting dive site, or make day trips from local dive resorts. Soft corals explode from varied reefscapes, with torrents of jacks and snappers surveying the reefs. There are over 50 sites to explore, split into Northern and Southern Komodo, with each sub-region offering something a little different.

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