Blade Reef and a diver in Raja Ampat
A coral reef in Wakatobi
A coleman shrimp in Raja Ampat

Luxury Diving Holidays in Wakatobi

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    Best time to visit

    April - November

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    Marine Highlights

    Some of the world's most pristine reefs, soft and hard corals, sponges, pygmy seahorses, ghost pipefish, candy crabs, rare nudibranchs, exotic shrimps, turtles

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    Beginner - Advanced


Wangi-Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko are the four islands that make up the region of Wakatobi, which has become synonymous with the resort of the same name, one of the world’s most famous luxury dive resorts. Scuba diving in Wakatobi is a relaxed affair with good, calm conditions and fair weather year-round, making this a very popular destination for keen divers and snorkellers. The focus is very much on pristine reefs and macro life, with a plethora of world class dive sites on the resort’s doorstep, and one of the most famous house reefs in the world. Easily reached via a charter flight from Bali, divers flock to Wakatobi throughout the year to experience diving as it should be; on reefs untouched by coral bleaching. It is a UNESCO Marine Biosphere Reserve meaning that there is a vast variety of marine life and new species are being discovered here still. 

Table Coral City in Wakatobi

table coral

A pygmy sear hose at Teluk Maya in Wakatobi

Pygmy seahorse at Teluk maya

A school of trevally in Wakatobi

School of trevally

Mandarinfish at Magic Pier in Wakatobi

Mandarinfish at magic pier

A turtle on the house reef at Wakatobi

turtle in wakatobi national park

A reef and dive boat at Wakatobi

Wakatobi reef and dive boat

A snorkeller on Wakatobi Dive Resort house reef

snorkeller on Wakatobi house reef

In Depth 

Diving holidays in Wakatobi can be conducted from the resort itself or from their luxury liveaboard, Pelagian, which has some of the most generous space-per-guest ratios of any dive boat in the world. Ideal for families, couples and solo travellers alike, all you need to enjoy Wakatobi is a love of the underwater world. There are more than 50 sites accessible from the main resort, and a wealth of additional sites from Pelagian. 

Underwater topography is varied, from sandy slopes to wall dives and overhangs, and this is an ideal spot for beginner divers and keen snorkellers, with many of the best dive sites having reefs right up to the surface. Macro highlights include cuttlefish, blue-ring octopus, ghost pipefish, frogfish, hairy squat lobsters and a plethora of nudibranch species. The coral is a marvel in and of itself with colourful walls carpeted in soft corals, huge table corals, sea fans, sponges, tunicates and isolated bommies. Wakatobi is a photographer’s paradise, with staggering reefscapes to behold, obliging macro subjects and expert tutelage for those looking to hone their skills. Diving holidays in Wakatobi are ideal for coral and macro enthusiasts, and those looking to dive to their hearts’ content on pristine reefs.  

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Places to Stay in Wakatobi

An aerial view of Wakatobi jetty bar

Wakatobi Dive Resort

Wakatobi Dive Resort is one of the best places on earth to combine world-class diving and snorkelling with luxury. Located in a remote corner of South Sulawesi, divers and snorkellers will be blown away by the marine ecosystem from the house reef right off the jetty to over 50 mapped and named dive sites within a short boat ride from the resort. 

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